News of Realme XT explosion, days before the launch of Realme X3 series

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Realme has now caught itself in a brand new controversy. A Realme XT user has now claimed that his device exploded while charging within the 24 hours of purchase.

Back in September 2019, Realme launched its then-premium offering dubbed Realme XT in the Indian market. Since then, the device has become one of the popular offerings in the affordable segment for the consumer.

According to the user, the device was being charged with the official bundled adapter and it still managed to burst in flames for some unknown reasons. The victim, Roshan Singh, took the help of the Twitter platform to reveal his unpleasant experience.  Singh also shared the images of the burnt unit. Furthermore, the user has claimed to get in touch with Realme’s service center by sharing the pictures of the burnt device. He further claimed that the brand’s representative said that the unit has been under external force just by looking at the pictures.

Realme XT Explosion

After narrating the ordeal on Twitter, Realme promised to take the necessary action on the incident. As per Singh, no appropriate action has been taken to resolve the matter. The company, on the other hand, said that the incident took place due to the application of external force.

Realme in an official statement said:

“For us, one of the key pillars is product quality. Every smartphone manufactured by Realme goes through a number of stringent quality and durability checks as customer safety is of utmost importance for us. As per our investigation, we have learned that the smartphone was damaged due to external force. The user’s smartphone battery caught fire as the smartphone was punctured from outside.”

Flipkart Saving DaysRealme X & Realme X2 Pro

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This is not the first smartphone exploding incident we have seen in the tech industry. In fact, we have seen such cases from other popular brands as well namely Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and Jio. Samsung faced the biggest controversy with its Galaxy Note 7 devices getting blasted due to faulty batteries. Back in March, we saw the report of Realme 5 burning to flames making Realme XT the second case from the brand. For Apple, we’re looking at iPhone XS Max while we have seen reports of Redmi Note 7 Pro and even Jio Phone.

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While this news comes at a juncture when Realme is about to launch its much awaited Realme X3 & Realme X3 Superzoom on June 25 at 12.30 p.m.

Earlier Madhav Sheth took to Twitter to announce that the Realme X3 SuperZoom and Realme X3 phones are both powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC. He tweets that the Snapdragon 855+ SoC has been introduced for the ‘first time in this segment’, hinting at an aggressive price point. He has also shared GPU and CPU performance AnTuTu comparison against the Snapdragon 765G and Snapdragon 730G processors, and the Snapdragon 855+ processor is seen to significantly better than the other two.

Realme X3 series Exclusively on Flipkart


The launch event on June 25 is set to begin at 12.30pm IST. The Realme X3 SuperZoom should be priced somewhere in the same range as its Europe model at EUR 499 (roughly Rs. 42,900). The launch event can be live seen on official Youtube channel of Realme India.

The phones will be available for purchase exclusively through Flipkart.

We will keep you posted as more official details are launched about exact pricing, features & specifications.

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Flipkart Saving DaysRealme X & Realme X2 Pro

Realme Smart TV |  Watch | Buds Air Neo | New 10000 MaH Powerbank

Flipkart Saving DaysRealme X & Realme X2 Pro

Realme Smart TV |  Watch | Buds Air Neo | New 10000 MaH Powerbank
Flipkart Saving DaysRealme X & Realme X2 Pro

Realme Smart TV |  Watch | Buds Air Neo | New 10000 MaH Powerbank

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Flipkart Saving Days – June 23 to 27

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