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A Portal for Technology enthusiasts especially Mobile phone and Personal computing devices with content offered ranging from tech info, interesting eCommerce Deals and latest news from the world of technology worldwide.

About Admin

As for me I am tech enthusiast, an Apple fan (in particular ‘Steve Jobs’, post his epic biography, but not an Appleite or a Apple fan buoy), an Android User (so far and became a Xiaomi fan, my Xiaomi Groups on all their devices vouch for the craze) and an ex-Windows User…like to see things from the window of technology which offers immense opportunities.

My Dream gadget would be a virtual technology device which can be a combination of current mobile phones and smart devices with a blend of virtual reality to enjoy experiences be it connecting, buying with a touch-feel experience like window shopping, visiting virtual real places in virtual world, a personal companion which can help and see the immense possibilities, this world has on offer.

Our mantra is ‘Looking beyond boundaries & Believing in Immense opportunities.’