Redmi Band wearable is launching tomorrow

After more than two months since news of Redmi launching a smartband surfaced, we finally have a launch date. Thankfully, we do not have to wait for long.

Xiaomi‘s fitness band has always been known for its cheap pricing, solid build and good performance. Since the Mi Band 4 was released, the units have sold massively. A survey of wearable devices in China by IDC for Q3 2019 had revealed that Xiaomi’s wearables command 25% of the market. Of course, most of the wearables sold were the Mi Band series

The official Redmi Weibo account shared a poster today teasing the arrival of its first wearable which should arrive as the Redmi Band. According to the Weibo post, the wearable will be announced on April 03, 2020 at 14:00 hrs (China Time).

The poster says the unnamed smartband launches too at 14:00 hrs. It has a rectangular color display and will be available in orange, green, black, and blue. We can’t say outrightly that this is the Redmi Band since the manufacturer’s logo isn’t on the poster. However, based on the leak from January which shows the Redmi Band with a rectangular display, there is a high chance it is it.

The Redmi Band should come with features such as a calorie counter, pedometer, and a heart rate sensor. It should also be able to receive notification alerts when connected to the phone. We won’t rule out the possibility of it having NFC for payments.

While the poster doesn’t show the smartband itself, another poster has surfaced on Weibo that may possibly be that of the Redmi Band, although it is not stated.

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