According to new reports, it seems that attackers may use ‘social hacking’ to gain access to a user’s WhatsApp account.


  • Attackers may be using ‘social hacking’ to hack into WhatsApp accounts
  • This technique sees attackers using pre-hacked accounts to get in touch with a victim and masquerade as a friend or family
  • They would then trick the victim into sharing their WhatsApp verification code with them

During these lockdown times, while eveeyone is spending so much time at home working and entertaining that several video calling apps surfaced including new and already existing ones. But so has it opened gates for the hackers who are working like hawks to intrude into those apps via loopholes.

WhatsAppp is arguably the most popular instant messaging platform in the world right now. So obviously, it makes a pretty juicy target for hackers.

Social hacking works by using an already hacked account to gain the trust of a target by masquerading as their friend or family member. In this case, reports suggest that attackers are using pre-hacked Facebook or Instagram accounts to get in touch with any connected accounts. They then pretend to be having problems logging into their accounts and later try and trick the victim into sharing their WhatsApp security verification code. This technique would then give the attacker access to the victims WhatsApp, and then the cycle of social hacking could then begin anew with the victim’s contacts. 

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The best way to stay safe from such hackers is to never share any verification codes or any other personal information with anyone online, regardless of how close you may be with the individual. Further, ensure that you have enabled two-step verification for all possible accounts, not only WhatsApp. You should also add an email address in case you would need to retrieve your account. Further, if your WhatsApp account has been compromised, then there are ways you can retrieve it. In fact, WhatsApp has also detailed the same on a separate help page that you can check out here.

WhatsApp isn’t the only platform that is allegedly under attack from hackers. Recent reports suggest that the Houseparty app was said to be leaking data to attackers. As per reports, many users claimed that they were getting emails about someone trying to access their accounts after they had installed the app.

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Source: Headlines Today

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